End of the Chain

DeFi and Web 3 strategy for investors and startups

Hi, I’m Samuel McCulloch and I love crypto. I’m the host of of End of the Chain and producer for FlywheelPod, the official blog/podcast for Frax.

I write a couple of times a week about different topics in crypto. Opinions are my own. No ads, no shilling.

End of the Chain Podcast

Privacy is a key component of cryptographic networks that is typically misunderstood. Anish Mohammed, Chief Scientist for Panther Protocol, joins the podcast to discuss how transparent networks fall prey to MEV attacks and other negative actions such as collusion.

Jesse Proudman comes onto the podcast to discuss Makara Digital and its launch to the retail market. Now anyone can access the active strategies of Strix and build wealth with a SEC registered investment company.

End of the Chain Articles

This morning I woke up and logged onto Twitter and was greeted by the following picture.

Over the last few months I've started buying a lot of NFTs on Tezos. Its the first network/blockchain that