2019 Year in Review Pt. 2 - Dave Collum

2019 Year in Review Pt. 2 - Dave Collum

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About this episode

Dave Collum joins this episode of the End of the Chain with host Samuel McCulloch to break down his 2019 Year in Review. Dave is our most popular guest so far and for good reason. His witty writings are the highlight of my December. Dave and Samuel spoke for 5 hours and so this podcast will be broken up into a series of 3.


Where to find the show

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What to listen for

  • Why we seem to be stuck in 1984 and partying like it is 1999.
  • How Dave’s conclusion became an extrapolation for social change.
  • Why the Bond Market is in the biggest bubble in recorded history, but it doesn’t mean that the equity markets should be there too.
  • What the succession of financial bubbles never taught us and why the 2008 property bubble is still alive and well, and distorting the REPO market.
  • Why REPO madness matters in 2019 and beyond.
  • How Powell started washing US$ 100 billion into the system a day but it’s not QE.
  • Why the means of protesting around the world is changing and becoming leaderless through the organisational power of social media.
  • Why Dave believes the Epstein scandal is the biggest cover-up in US history.
  • Why every time the parties fail to take down Trump, he gets stronger.


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