Anish Mohammed - Front Running, Sandwiches and Panther Protocol

Anish Mohammed - Front Running, Sandwiches and Panther Protocol

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Privacy is a key component of cryptographic networks that is typically misunderstood. Anish Mohammed, Chief Scientist for Panther Protocol, joins the podcast to discuss how transparent networks fall prey to MEV attacks and other negative actions such as collusion.

Anish is an accomplished multi disciplinarian who has worked as medical doctor, bioinformatician, strategy consultant and cryptographer. As one of the founding members of UK Digital Currency Association, he has also been an advisor to Adjoint, Arteia, Collider-X, Privacy Shell, Ripple Labs, Hyperloop Transport Technologies , EA Ventures, IEET and Chain of Things.

Panther is an interoperable, decentralised custodian and smart contract platform that enables privacy of digital assets on peer blockchains. At the core of Panther’s design are Panther Pools, on-demand dark pools for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which enable institutional and retail Users to securely store, obfuscate and transact compliantly on peerchains using Panther Assets (“zAssets''). zAssets are created by issuing 1:1 collateralized, zero knowledge digital tokens on peerchains.

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