Beyond Blockchain - Erik Townsend Host of MacroVoices Podcast

Beyond Blockchain - Erik Townsend Host of MacroVoices Podcast

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About this episode

The host of MacroVoices Erik Townsend joins me for a discussion about his book Beyond Blockchain: Death of the Dollar and the Rise of Digital Currency. We discuss the coming implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies and the effect they will have on the world.

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What to listen for

  • Why the crypto crowd only half achieves their objectives.
  • Why Bitcoin is a weapon against the traditional monetary system.
  • Why programatic money is a boon for governments and how they will abuse it.
  • Why central bankers are just waking up to digital money.
  • Why Erik thinks Bitcoin and other cryptos will be banned.
  • What the dangers of Facebook launching Libra are and why it's such a powerful tool for Mark Zuckerburg.
  • The ins and outs of Libra as a new global currency.
  • The connection between Alfred Nobel, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The history behind private money issuance in the United States and why it was banned.
  • A glimpse into the connection between the FAANGs and the United States government in their quest to build a digital currency.
  • How Bitcoin can undermine central banks.
  • The role of gold in creating a new global digital currency and why Russia and China are so interested in building their reserves.


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