Big Boss Capital launches ALEPH validator node

Big Boss Capital launches ALEPH validator node

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I'm happy to announce that Big Boss Capital is joining the Aleph community as a validator node. This is the second node that Big Boss Capital operates, with the first being Unification (FUND, XFUND).

I believe that ALEPH is a singularly important project in the crypto space.

Regulations and crackdowns on DeFi and other crypto services will increase in the coming years. Governments will attempt to censor specific parts of the internet which do not comply with antiquated laws or political views. Vast firewalls exist solely to prevent free consumption of speech and content.

In order to safeguard our freedoms and ensure the continuation of the open internet, the entire Web stack needs to be fully decentralized. An uncensorable, immutable ledger for storing data is only a small part of the larger tech stack needed for full decentralization.  I believe that Aleph is a key part of this goal.

Aleph is a cross-blockchain layer-2 network specifically focused on decentralized applications and their re- lated infrastructure (storage, computing servers, security). - Aleph whitepaper

I've been following Aleph since Jonathan gave a presentation for Karma DAO when they first launched. I was impressed with their proposed goals and have followed the project closely since. The additional work to improve the protocol since launch was the key factor in Big Boss Capital determining it was the right move to become a validator node and support the network over the long term.

I'm excited to see the next few years develop and am in full support of the team's goals to fully decentralize the entire web stack.