Big Boss Capital is Live as a Unification Validator

Big Boss Capital is Live as a Unification Validator

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Big Boss Capital validator node to support the Unification Network!

Neyma was one of the first guests on the podcast in 2019. On that seminal podcast he laid out the vision for Unification as a premier enterprise blockchain platform. One thing that I have found over the past two years podcasting is that founders who leave me with a positive outlook on their project typically go on to succeed.

My previous website, Smart ICO Investor interviewed three projects. One is silent, another is functioning, and the third rose in value 100x from launch. Looking back, I still respect all of the founders and had high hopes for their businesses, but like with any company, only a few survive and fewer prosper.

Since launching the End of the Chain, I've spoken with many more projects, to include, Elrond, Kava,  Melon, Status, Nexus Mutual, Sythentix, Aave, Incognito, Harmony and Kadena. I don't find that my gut sense is any different. I always become a long term supporter of the founders coming on my show and impress me.

I've said several times on the show that I'm skeptical of enterprise blockchains. Private-permissioned blockchains are akin to a shared write only database. The benefits of decentralization are lost, rendering them a strange archive oddity. Unification bridges the gap with its hybrid design.

One of the important points I remember from the podcast is that Unification grow similar to Linux. The Mainchain/WRKchain will be the bedrock hybrid decentralized ecosystem. Neyma will run a company in parallel to onboard new clients and profit as a consultant for operational implementation.

Enterprises do not need a Layer 1 coin. Public blockchains require them as a payment function. By separating the needs of onchain validators + token holders from companies with no taste for shitcoins, Unification is primed for targeting real businesses who need blockchain as a valid use case.

Unification bridges that gap, with private WRKchains submitting information to be recorded and transferred on the public MainChain. As a result, private WRKchains can grow linearly, giving enterprises a clear understanding of their operational costs. Clients do not have to compete with each other for on-chain resources and can instead focus on building their business.

Computational work is processed on WRKchains and then timestamped on the Mainchain. Enterprises must purchase FUND from the Unification foundation as locked tokens to interact with the Mainchain. These tokens cannot be moved or traded, they can only be spent on gas fees to pay the validators. Over the next 9 years the token supply will grow 75% - from 120mln to 210mln. If there is more demand in a given year than the 10 mln FUND, remaining tokens will be bought on the open market.

We are one of the 96 nodes who will support the network and ensure its growth.

Our node is the Big Boss. We are the final level, the ultimate team. Big Boss Capital will be one of the strongest nodes on the FUND network and you are invited to join our node today.

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