Bitcoin is The Long Game - Thibaud Marechal Kn0x

Bitcoin is The Long Game - Thibaud Marechal Kn0x

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About this episode

Thib brings his Bitcoin Maximalism onto the show to discuss taxes, regulatory arbitrage, central banks, and his company Kn0x.

Thibaud is currently VP Growth at KNØX, a Bitcoin financial services firm, focused on insured key storage with Initialized, and Fidelity Investments Canada amongst backers. Prior, he led portfolio services at Real Ventures, a $330M venture capital firm, and managed their national venture accelerator program. Thibaud created TechAide, raising over $300,000 for charity organizations with partners such as Google, Facebook and Samsung. Thibaud graduated from McGill University in Information Systems.


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What to listen for

  • Why the market will always try to get around constraining regulatory frameworks and how taxation is not an exception to this rule.
  • Whether tax is necessary for a civilised society and how it could exist in a bitcoin-dominated world.
  • How central bank money creation has diluted money which distorts price signals for everyone.
  • Why there is not much governments can do about Bitcoin other than control Fiat on-ramps through KYC/AML.
  • How Bitcoin and DeFi’s approach to complex financial instruments and their creation in their network differs.
  • How Bitcoin can break the cycle of surveillance capitalism and create more transparency.
  • Why Bitcoin should be part of every millennial’s savings plan.

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