All Roads Lead to Open Borders - Bryan Caplan

All Roads Lead to Open Borders - Bryan Caplan

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About this episode

Bryan Caplan is the author of Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration. In this episode he blows away all of the arguments Sam put forward for closed borders. After listening, you will probably change your mind on open borders as well.  

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What to listen for

  • Why open borders will increase global GDP by 200%
  • Why the idea of open borders covers all beliefs and political views.
  • What the Justice and Abundance story is for immigration.
  • Why the social science shows that immigration benefits offset any negative aspects.
  • Why the United States should let in Antartican farmers.
  • Where immigrants typically move when the immigrate and how they diffuse into the United States.
  • How many immigrants would move to the United States and Europe if there were open borders.
  • How we can design keyhole solutions that alleviate the fears and concerns of native populations.
  • How mass immigration has helped China become a global superpower.

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