Making Blockchain Data Simple - Caleb Sheridan Blocklytics

Making Blockchain Data Simple - Caleb Sheridan Blocklytics

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About this episode

Caleb is the founder of Blocklytics, an on-chain data analytics firm. In this episode we dive into the his history at Poker Stars, why working with onchain data is so difficult and how privacy will strengthen Ethereum.

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What to listen for

  • How his experiences at PokerStars made him passionate about data as a way to optimize user experience.
  • His Ah-Ha moment in Crypto and how this led to the creation of
  • Why he believes Poker is a solid starting point for solving the scaling problem on the Ethereum network.
  • Why extracting blockchain data is so difficult and how their APIs help simplify this process.
  • How they work with web 3.0 application clients to help them with their projects and data visualization.
  • How we can use data to help participants do their job in networks through incentivization based on data.
  • Why privacy needs to be addressed on the network to avoid a dystopian future.
  • Why on-chain historical transaction data should be separate from future transactions to ensure user-specific information remains private.
  • Why UniSwap is his favorite DeFi project after because it takes a very complex problem and simplifies it.
  • Why holding tokens is basically a price game for both Ethereum and Bitcoin, and how the rules of the price game changes when you have DeFi products.

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