We're Upgrading Money - Chris Roper Constant

We're Upgrading Money - Chris Roper Constant

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About this episode

Chris Roper joins this episode of the End of the Chain with host Samuel McCulloch to give the first official interview for Constant, a secured peer to peer lending site offering fix term loans for crypto. Constant is one of Samuel's favorite lending sites and he has written extensively about it before.

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What to listen for

  • How Constant became a P2P lending platform rather than just another project built on a stablecoin.
  • Why their mission to try to help people with their money and their assets has remained the same even as their platform has changed.
  • How Constant addressed the volatility problem in Crypto through over-collateralization, thus created secured loans.
  • Why Constant is truly a peer-to-peer customer-driven marketplace and how their fiat on-ramp sets them apart from their competitors.
  • Why new features like Pro and Flex came about in response to customer feedback and user experience.
  • How Constant developed staking as a service for customers and is support projects they are passionate about through staking.
  • What new features Constant are working on in 2020.
  • Why Constant believes in the need for transparency as a business for our customers who want it, and for the industry as a whole in order to get more people involved in Crypto.


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