End of the World w/ Dave Collum - Pt 3.

End of the World w/ Dave Collum - Pt 3.

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About this episode

This is the third in a series of interviews with Dave Collum. Recorded Mar 11, we dive into the Coronavirus, bond apocalypse and the top of the market.

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What to listen for

  • Why Coronavirus is a catalyst for the house of cards coming down.
  • Why vaccines work and how antibodies released through live vaccines amplify survival rates and adaptive systems beyond our immune system.
  • Why the Federal Reserve cannot save us and has no control at all over anything as far as Dave is concerned.
  • The global financial system is not only too complex but also artificially engineered to such an extent it has lost its Darwin evolutionary ability to ‘cull the herd’.
  • Dave’s theory is 2015/16 was a recession, but Wall Street always has to put an adjective in front of problems.
  • Why controlled burns for forest management and for the economy are better in the long term for the forest and us. Recessions are necessary.
  • What is different now with recessions is how we qualify them, the term recession was invented so we could stop using depression.
  • You can get rid of potential energy either in one go or in small amounts, but either way, the energy needs to be released one way or the other.
  • Twin income trap and women entering the workforce has propped up total employment growth numbers since the 1970s.
  • If you want to shut down Coronavirus, what are you going to do after isolation? This is not a sustainable solution, and this is not an analogy to the flu. It will be with us for a long time.
  • When a Bear says to a boomer, 50% drop will take us back to normal market valuation; this means for Boomers, you will have 50% less revenue when you retire than you thought you would have.
  • Dave’s portfolio advice: pick a bond to equity ratio, and stick with it.
  • Why dumb money is destroying markets and good companies because there is too much money in the system.
  • Why CEO/Boards/Company Governance is an in-bred system, and this all needs to be cleared out in the great raging inferno we have now.


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