David Collum - A Half Year in Review

David Collum - A Half Year in Review

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About this episode

In this epic interview, David Collum sits down to chat about his Year in Review. Moonlighting as a professor of Chemistry at Cornell, David keeps encyclopedic records of all events that occured through the year and then compiles it all into a massive review. Please give his 2018 review a read before listening to understand all of the topics that we speak about.

Year in Review 2018: https://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/114635/2018-year-review

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidBCollum/

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What to listen for

  • How community, social politics, and group dynamics are driving the mindset of today’s youth.
  • What David sees on the front lines of the culture wars at Cornell University.
  • Why heterogeneous groups are not cohesive and there is a price to pay for inclusion.
  • His theory on students post-2014: how their persistency is shortening, peripheral vision is narrowing, and learning is to know it, not to look it up.
  • Why infinite content is a problem.
  • Why the internet is the beginning of totalitarianism or the greatest instrument for democracy.
  • Why authenticity is what drives listenership for podcasts.
  • Why pensions are under-performing so badly due to criminal behaviour in pension funds.
  • What David would do to fix the Fed.
  • David’s demographic model and is it possible this time it can be different?
  • Equities are 2x overvalued, but does anyone care?
  • Why inflation is what destroys society and why food pricing creates huge unrest.
  • Why the bubble of everything makes asset ownership out of reach for Millenials.
  • Why the Fed has such aversion to deflation and why it’s the cause of all our problems.


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