DeFi is an Innovation Sandbox - Vadim Koleoshkin COO Zerion

DeFi is an Innovation Sandbox - Vadim Koleoshkin COO Zerion

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About this episode

Zerion is the UX/UI for decentralized banking and DeFi. COO Vadim joins the pod to talk about the long history of the company, his ideas on DeFi and why Zerion will be the primary app for DeFi into the future.

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What to listen for

  • Why Zerion is the DeFi equivalent of a Swiss army knife that integrates all your DeFi project tools together.
  • How Zerion monitors the market every week to aggregate different protocols and why it does not want to be the gatekeeper of DeFi.
  • Why Zerion aggregates public blockchain product/protocol data but not data about its users.
  • Why the best DeFi teams in the future should combine programmatic and finance people to create the best projects not just developers.
  • How ETH 2.0 will bring human creativity and ideas to the market but should not compromise on the trustlessness of the system as a blockchain.
  • Why the 3 components of DeFi do not yet apply to the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Why we need privacy features on DeFi.
  • Why Russia produce some of the strongest mathematician and code developers in the world.

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