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Where to Start


What is Chai?


Constant - Secured P2P Lending Platform

Incognito Chain Review - Privacy Focused Sidechain

Infrastructure Projects

  • 0Xprotocol - an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Aztec Protocol - a new, highly gas efficient form of zero-knowledge transaction which is designed for asset interoperability, governance and value transfer.
  • Carbon - Carbon is an all-in-one fiat-to-crypto on-ramp API to help you retain new customers effortlessly, so you can focus on building
  • Ethereum Name Service - a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS eliminates the need to copy or type long addresses.
  • Lightning Network - a Layer 2 protocol on top of Bitcoin that uses smart contract functionality to enable instant payments across a network of participants.
  • Liquidity Network - a Layer 2 scalability solution that enables gas-less, near-instant trustless transactions & token swaps. They will launch TEX Exchange in the near future.
  • Loopring - Loopring allows anyone to build high-throughput, non-custodial, orderbook exchanges on Ethereum by leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
  • Nexus Mutual - a decentralized insurance platform where you can share risk  against smart contract bugs, failure or other black swan events.
  • Ren - an open protocol that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications.
  • Request Network - enables companies and individuals to create, exchange and process payment requests and invoices through a global network.
  • RSK - a smart contract platform for Bitcoin.
  • Totle - a decentralized liquidity provider where you can swap and transfer tokens while automatically getting the best prices from decentralized exchanges. Can execute a single order across several exchanges.
  • Uniswap - a fully decentralized on-chain protocol for token exchanges on Ethereum that uses liquidity pools instead of order books.
  • Wyre - a secure and compliant bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.


  • bZx - a decentralized protocol that enables lending and borrowing for margin trading. Offers up to 4x ETH and WBTC and attractive lending options.
  • Compound - an open-source money market protocol on Ethereum that lets users lend or borrow assets against collateral. Compound is one of the core components of defi for the creation of Collateralized Debt Protocols.
  • Dharma - a peer-to-peer non-custodial lending and borrowing market on Ethereum. Coinbase is required to use their services. Closely connected with Circle.
  • Nitrogen Network - a decentralized P2P network for secured loans
  • Nuo Network - a non-custodial platform on Ethereum that provides a decentralized debt marketplace. Users can lend, borrow, or margin trade any supported cryptoasset
  • Soda - Convert your BTC to sBTC and use it to trade for ERC20 assets on a fixed term.
  • Torque Loans - Pretty interface for what Compound does on its own.


  • Bancor - One of the first defi projects, it uses pooled liquidity for non-custodial token exchange of Ethereum and EOS tokens.
  • dYdX - a non-custodial trading platform with for Ethereum. Professional presentation, offers up to 5x leverage and cross margin. Very cool Dex.
  • KiraEx - Kira is a hyperscale decentralized exchange that enables trustless cross-chain token transfers and trading. Thanks to dual consensus mechanisms of Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake (MBPoS) that provides security and Multi-Bonded Proof of Authority (MBPoA) that delivers speed, users can trade in trustless manner whilst maintaining a user experience that matches or exceeds that of centralized exchanges.
  • KyberSwap - an on-chain liquidity protocol that lets users perform swaps with liquidity from token holder reserves.
  • MerkleX - a decentralized exchange that uses a decentralized clearing network for secure settlement. Merklex allows traders to set limits on what can happen to their funds.
  • OpenSea - a marketplace for digital goods, including collectibles, gaming items, digital art, and other digital assets that are backed by a blockchain like Ethereum. On OpenSea, you can buy, sell, and trade any of these items with anyone in the world.
  • Veil - a market that leverages the Augur, 0x, and Ethereum protocols to provide a peer-to-peer trading platform for prediction markets and derivatives

Asset Management

  • Betoken - Invest or start a crypto fund. The Kairo token is awarded based on reputation and displays how much success a fund manager experienced.
  • Melon - an open-source, community-run, Ethereum-based protocol for decentralized on-chain asset management.
  • RealT - Earn passive income from the US real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership.
  • Set Protocol - a protocol designed to create, manage, and obtain baskets of tokenized assets. Examples are ETH/BTC 50/50 split or trend following tokens.

Prediction Markets

  • Augur - a decentralized oracle and peer-to-peer protocol for prediction markets on Ethereum. Most any kind of prediction can be bet on here: politics, sports, news, price movements etc.
  • Helena - Consensys backed prediction markets. No offers to be found when I checked out the site. Augur is probably a better service.

Stablecoins/Derivative Coins

  • Ampleforth - a commodity-money with a dynamic elastic supply that always seeks price equilibrium by universally expanding to or contracting.
  • Augmint - a euro pegged collateralized stable coin. Seems interesting, as the project is partnered with Modultrade, but I couldn't find any other exchanges to move to Dai.
  • Digix - 1 DGX token equals 1 gram of gold. Very cool for a synthetic asset.
  • Maker - smart contract for the creation of Dai, a stablecoin pegged to the USD and backed by ETH currently. Version 2 will allow for multicollateral Dai creation. Dai is the only truly decentralized stablecoin.
  • Market Protocol - an open source and non-custodial framework for creating tokens that track the price of any crypto or traditional asset on Ethereum.
  • Neutral - a derivative of a derivative meta-stablecoin system built using a basket of multiple stablecoins for supposed lower volatility.
  • Paxos - a USD pegged stablecoin on Ethereum
  • Synthetix - a decentralized platform on Ethereum for the creation of Synths: on-chain synthetic assets that track the value of real-world assets. Any real world asset can be created. Notable assets are gold, and equity indexes.
  • TrueUSD - Fully backed regulated USD pegged token.
  • UMA - a decentralized financial contracts platform with a self-enforcing contract design patterns and provably honest oracle mechanism to create your own financial products using standards like ERC20.
  • USDx - USDx is a decentralized and synthetic indexed stablecoin introduced by dForce. USDx's initial underlying portfolios include USDC, TUSD, PAX and DAI.
  • WBTC - Wrapped Bitcoin, an ERC20 token that is backed 1:1 by bitcoin.
  • xDai - an Ethereum sidechain with 5-second block times, low gas prices, and a native token that’s also called xDai. Very interesting funding mechanism.


  • Alpha Wallet - a mobile-based wallet built for Dapps. Do everything with only a few taps.
  • Argent - a secure smart contract wallet built for simplicity, security and usability.
  • Ash - a wallet interface focused on DeFi asset management powered by Melon Protocol.
  • Fetch - a DeFi forward wallet with integrated DEX trading and portfolio management tools.
  • Gnosis Safe - a fully open-source mobile wallet built for crypto asset management and interaction with decentralized applications on Ethereum.
  • Monolith - a mobile based decentralised banking alternative, powered by Ethereum. Integrates a pre-loaded debit card for quick spending.
  • Poketto - xDai enabled wallet with an easy to use interface.


  • Bamboo Relay - a 0x relayer built to trade, lend, and borrow tokens directly from your wallet.
  • DeFi Saver - an easy to use management portal for MakerDAO CDPs and compound protfolios
  • DEX AG - a trading interface that finds you the best price from 11 different DEXes
  • EasyCDP - an interface for MakerDAO that vastly simplifies the process of opening and managing a CDP
  • FiatDex Gateway - a simple browser-based interface to interact with the FiatDex protocol which allows users to trustlessly swap fiat to crypto
  • InstaDApp - an intuitive interface on top of the MakerDAO protocol that’s optimized for users lacking advanced technical or financial experience
  • Pools.FYI - Find the best liquidity providers and opportunities for Uniswap.
  • Zerion - an easy to use trustless banking interface utilizing popular DeFi protocols


  • 0x Tracker - a trade explorer for 0x protocol and decentralized ERC20 token price index
  • Coin Interest Rate - a dashboard showcasing borrowing and lending rates for USDC and DAI
  • DefiScan - a read-only DeFi profile explorer for Compound, Uniswap, and SpankChain
  • Loan Scan - a dashboard showing the best rates to earn passive income or lowest rates to borrow crypto
  • UniswapROI - a calculator to help you analyze your investments in Uniswap and find the best liquidity pools
  • Whois0x - a database of wallet addresses and their linked social media accounts that also provides easy to understand DeFi stats for each address

Custodial Lending