Kyber is the Engine Oil for Defi - Deniz Omer

Kyber is the Engine Oil for Defi - Deniz Omer

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About this episode

Deniz joins the episode to go way deep on Kyber and how it is becoming the lifeblood of Defi. We spend a good deal of time breaking down what Kyber has planned for 2020 and how it will adapt to market trends.  

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What to listen for

  • How Kyber works on a technical level and why different projects want to integrate this into their DApps/DEXs.
  • What the differences are between Kyber and other liquidity providers/projects that are aggregating value and distributing liquidity.
  • Where Kyber’s growth has come from since inception and where they are heading in 2020.
  • How Kyber is built into the middle, enabling anything in DeFi to be built on top of it.
  • What the top tokens traded by volume are on Kyber and which DeFi projects they find most interesting.
  • How demand for dollarized assets is fueling growth in DeFi because people want dollars.

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