Elastic Supply Money - Brandon Iles, Co-Founder of Ampleforth

Elastic Supply Money - Brandon Iles, Co-Founder of Ampleforth

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About this episode

Brandon is the Co-Founder of Ampleforth, an elastic supply money, which adjusts supply if price moves outside of a target band. In a market filled with crypto variants, Ampleforth separates itself from the rest with its novel supply mechanism. New seniorage is distributed equally amongst holders, like a stock split.

Brandon also worked at Google Search and so we jumped into his experiences there and how the company is leading the way in Total Information Awareness.

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What to listen for

  • What the economic structure of Ampleforth is and how it differs from Bitcoin.
  • Why Ampleforth is the smallest change to Bitcoin that is economically interesting.
  • Why the Ample has a price target and how that affects supply.
  • Why Amples will be volatile for a long time until mass usage comes about.
  • Why Ampleforth has volatility of both price and supply
  • How Ampleforth changes the game slightly of asset accumulation.
  • Why Bitcoin has no value and cannot be captured by any existing financial models.
  • Why Ampleforth had to adjust the smoothing parameter to increase the speed price returns to the target price band.
  • Why the creation of new Amples is akin to a stock split.
  • How Ampleforth can adjust the global supply of Amples without heavy gas costs.
  • Why Ampleforth is not in the business of creating Layer 1 blockchains and are chain agnostic.
  • How Uniswap interacts with Ampleforth and why it's different than any other smart contract interaction.
  • How Brandon and Evan met in 2014 and started Ampleforth.

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