Grant Gulovsen - Host of CryptoLaw Podcast

Grant Gulovsen - Host of CryptoLaw Podcast

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About this episode

In this episode, Grant and Samuel chat about IEOs, ICO's, IDOs and every other three letter acronym connected with crypto. Grant tells how he became a crypto specialized lawyer and we discuss Kin, Tether and Libra coin. At the end we talk about China and its relationship with Crypto.

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David Gerard has also been on this podcast too – so that is quite funny.  I had no idea.

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What to listen for

  • How grant got involved with crypto law and ICOs
  • Why he thinks the actions of the SEC have been methodical and and for a reason.
  • Where the most friendly jurisdictions are for crypto companies and why they are so expensive.
  • Why he thinks IEOs are so popular right now and how they are looked upon by the SEC.
  • What his thoughts on the Kin legal case are and why they will eventually settle.
  • Why he thinks China is a driving force for crypto and the differences between East and West attitudes.
  • Why he hopes for the best and expects the worst with Facebook’s Libra coin.
  • Why he believes the PBOC is about to launch a cryptocurrency of their own and his skepticism about it.
  • Why Tether is the one topic all crypto people know is screwed up, but use it anyways.
  • His thoughts on the rise of China and the response of the United States.
  • Why he doesn’t see Bitcoin stopping and continuing on for eternity.
  • How his legal background affects his crypto investment analysis.


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