Imagination is the Limit of AI - Simon Greenman

Imagination is the Limit of AI - Simon Greenman

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About this episode

Simon Greenman is the founder of Best Practice AI, an enterprise consulting firm that helps executives and boards integrate the technology into their existing business structures. Simon is also the Chair of the Harvard Business School Angels London chapter and has made over 100 investments into startup companies.

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What to listen for

  • What the hype cycle around AI is, it's Utopian/Dystopian narrative, what is real and what is not.
  • How AI has exploded because deep neural networks (large pattern recognition statistics) enable machine learning through data ‘by itself’.
  • Why autonomous vehicles are the mother of AI problems; you need to solve so many problems at once for them to work and something not far off human ‘common sense’ to make them work safely.
  • Why AI in healthcare has the potential to transform disease diagnostics and early detection.
  • What gaps or metrics to use for AI companies when angel investing.
  • How the life cycle of an AI startup is different than other startups.
  • How do we think about privacy in the age of AI?
  • Who is going to be dominant in AI, and will we see techno-nationalism – a Chinese versus US versus European platforms.
  • Why it is always the case of the unknown unknowns - the unintended consequences that will happen with AI that we cannot predict.
  • Why we need to manage and regulate the adoption of AI and fourth revolution technologies to help us improve human life for the good of society.
  • How projects need to focus on data wrangling and data access not just use cases.
  • Why the constancy of change and being adaptable is the most important skill, we all need to have in the future world of work.

Reference Material

Apple Card Gender Problem

Uber NTSB Report

Tesla Summon Self-Driving incident


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