Privacy for All - Andrey Bugaevski Incognito

Privacy for All - Andrey Bugaevski Incognito

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About this episode

Andrey comes on the episode of End of the Chain with host Samuel McCulloch to discuss Incognito blockchain, a sidechain built for transactional privacy. He gives the run down about running a node, on-chain privacy and the growth of the network.

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What to listen for

  • How the idea for Incognito came about from a payroll use case for creating private transactions in stable coins.
  • Why Privacy should be an option for all digital transactions, regardless of which chain or protocol you use.
  • How Incognito works as a privacy sidechain that runs in parallel to the Ethereum network.
  • How its mint/burn proofs make transactions untraceable and prevent malicious attacks.
  • How Incognito decide to design ‘smart’ hardware and 'build' its validator network.
  • Why Incognito built a physical plug and play node and made this open-source for other projects to use.
  • What the team has planned for 2020 and beyond.
  • How DeFi makes privacy and the ability to shield financial transactions even more important as more and more assets move on-chain.
  • Why facial recognition will eventually allow your physical and digital identities to be completely traceable in a cashless society.
  • How Incognito’s newly created PDEX can be a sidechain to any protocol providing privacy to all.


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