July Income Report


Welcome to my June 2019 income report. My income reports are designed to provide full transparency of the business; further, they are used to prevent conflict of interests in an industry flooded with scams and accusations. The idea for this income report was taken from What Bitcoin Did and the Smart Passive Income Podcast.


May was another great month, with record revenue and profits.

  • Show downloads: 403
  • Income: $0
  • Expenses: $2260
  • Profit: -$2260

June 2019 Stats

June Downloads:

  • Blubrry: 403
  • Total: 403 (283% from May)
    Note: This is the last month that Itunes and the website are the only ways to listen to the podcast.

Note: Blubrry is my podcast hosting provider which is the stats for downloads on iTunes and the majority of other podcast applications.

Other Stats:

  • All-time downloads: 678

Most downloaded shows:

  • David Collum - 327
  • David Gerard - 158
  • Beniamin Mincu from Elrond - 23
  • Grant Guluvson - 23
  • 60 day average: 546 (This is only the third month of the podcast, so growth stats are a little wonky now.)


  • I'll be uploading all episodes to Youtube and Spotify this next month. View count should go up.

Platform Stats:

  • Website page views: 596 (+47%% from May ‘19)
  • Email subscribers: 377 (+2.7%)
  • YouTube followers: 292
  • Twitter followers: 455
  • Twitter followers (WBD Account): 25


  • Linkedin, Medium, Facebook: Need to create pages for these in the next month.

I'd like to focus most on producing a quality email once a week. Past this it will be to develop a good advertising strategy.

Income Report


  • Income: $0
  • Expenses: $2260
  • Profit: $0

Gross income - $0

  • Sponsorship: $
  • Professional services: $0
  • Patrons: $0
  • Podcast subscription (BTC): $0
  • Merchandise sales: $0
  • Donations: $0

Tipjar: $0

Added the TipJar this month

Community support: $0


  • Next month goal is to find advertisers and grow podcast listens.

Income Breakdown


  • Clients: 0
  • Show sponsored by:
  • Preroll / midroll mix: 3 bookings
  • Midroll only: 1 booking
  • Special production: 1 booking


  • Available shows: All previous and all future
  • Available video shows: 0
  • Available slots per show: 6
  • Available slots per video show: 2
  • Total available slots: 60
  • Slots sold: 0
  • Inventory sold: 0%
  • Revenue per show: $0

Show CPM value: $0

Key lessons

To take forward:

July Objectives

Podcast Release:

  • Minimum one podcast a week. Two a week is good if we can line up the guests. There is no fixed schedule right now for release. A set day or time would make publishing easier.

Efficient operations:

  • Find more time to write article for the site. I don't know if this is more news commentary or analysis articles, but writing needs to be at least 2 articles a week for myself and 1 for Ceann.
  • Move email to @endofthechain

Revenue growth:

  • Find sponsor for podcast
  • Create course for trading/investing


  • Create marketing plan
  • Look into twitter ads
  • Check efficacy of Quuupromote



  • Achieve break even for podcast episodes
  • 10x listens


  1. Achieve 20k monthly income from podcast
  2. Save enough for K's college education
  3. Buy a house in USA and Russia
  4. Write a book

If you read this income report and you have any questions then please feel free to reach out to me.