Chainweb Built on Pact - Doug Beardsley - CTO of Kadena

Chainweb Built on Pact - Doug Beardsley - CTO of Kadena

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About this episode

Doug joins the show to discuss Kadena, a new American blockchain project built with proof-of-work consensus, a formalized language and a multi-chain public network. We dig deep into what makes Kadena special and why it will separate itself from other projects in 2020.

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What to listen for

  • Why Kadena is a complete layer 1 blockchain solution based on proof of work that solves the scalability issue.
  • How Pact, their smart contract language was designed from the ground up to be a formally verified language for smart contract development.
  • How they built Multi-Sig keyset governance into their blockchain with client operations in mind.
  • Why their contract governance determines whether or not the smart contract is upgradeable and how this is readable on Kadena.
  • Why ChainWeb solves the scalability issue through multiple chain block hashing.
  • How Kadena’s ChainWeb distributes the hash power among chains using degree diameter graph theory to make all chains interconnected and therefore immune to 51% attacks.
  • Why Kadena’s great company culture comes from having founders with both technical background and business experience.
  • How hybrid blockchains as a form of middleware between private and public transactions and why there is huge potential for applications in this area.
  • How the US government is a monopsony as the one employer in the Washington D.C. area which creates a more level salary scale and compresses inequality.

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