We Are Decentralization Maximalists - Kyle Kistner - bZx

We Are Decentralization Maximalists - Kyle Kistner - bZx

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About this episode

Kyle joins the episode to discuss bZx, Fulcrum, Torque and how his tokens are fueling the growth of Defi. Kyle is the founder of bZx, a decentralized protocol for margin tokens and lending.

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What to listen for

  • What was the genesis of bZx and how has it changed since the beginning.
  • Why the decision to productise changed their focus from just being a protocol to building DeFi products on top of this.
  • How their grand vision for tokenising it all created Fulcrum and Torque.
  • What the three challenges to token governance are and how they plan to address these in their shortly-to-be released governance paper.
  • Why platform linkages and permissionless building amplifies levels of risk in DeFi.
  • Why composability and the incentive of higher interest rates could create protocol linkages that result in DeFi platforms virtually merging.
  • Why DeFi needs to reference assets outside of the ecosystem or blockchain in order to achieve its loftier goals.
  • Why circular use cases in protocols are just a room full of cryptocurrency users exchanging money between themselves and this does not create value.

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