Liquidity for Debt - Péter Petrovics, Co-founder of Augmint

Liquidity for Debt - Péter Petrovics, Co-founder of Augmint

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Peter is the Co-Founder of Augmint, a decentralized stablecoin pegged to the Euro. The project is still in its nascent stage and Peter spoke with me at length about how he sees the project developing over the next few years.

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What to listen for

  • How Augmint creates a new money system backed by cryptoassets as collateral.
  • How credit money on the blockchain works and their unique token system which maintains supply.
  • How are the interest rates are calculated and set by their monetary board who are elected by stakeholders.
  • How fixed versus floating collateral loan products in Augmint work.
  • We have fiat gateways where collateral in Augmint can be converted into Euro.
  • How they are different from their competitor, DAI and how Maker is taking 100% of Ether loans and this is their niche market.
  • What is the difference between credit money system and a collateralized stablecoin?
  • Why the challenge of new money is the financial technology and making it convenient.
  • Why crypto should not start by competing with payments or micropayments.
  • How Augmint could be multi-chain at some point in the future, but plans to stay on Ethereum for the long term.
  • What their exchange listing strategy is and potential use cases for the future.

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