Protocol Agnostic Value Transfer- Loong Wang CTO Ren Project

Protocol Agnostic Value Transfer- Loong Wang CTO Ren Project

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About this episode

Why is privacy so important for Crypto? Loong Wang, CTO of Ren Project, joins End of the Chain with host Samuel McCulloch to discuss the roll-out of his protocol. Starting with the topics of privacy and on-chain transparency, they explore what it means to conduct DeFi cross-chain. The second half of the show gets into why Ethereum will be an aggregator for liquidity, bridging other blockchains to access their liquidity and introduce DeFi products to all Crypto-holders.

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What to listen for

  • How Ren has transitioned from their initial focus on dark pools to functionality last year.
  • Why privacy seems to have so many layers and how metadata makes everything traceable in the surveillance economy.
  • How RenVM will allow Bitcoin to interact with DeFi, DEX or lending platforms in order to move value from one chain to another and why having shielded transactions through RenVM would preserve privacy.
  • Why the user experience should be protocol agnostic.
  • Why the price of self-sovereignty is the trade-off between understanding the security implications of holding your assets on different blockchain platforms and the risks being taken.
  • Why all the functionality is on the Ethereum network, but all the value and liquidity is locked up in Bitcoin.
  • How RenBTC will enable interoperability between protocols, DEX or centralised entities to transfer value between networks.


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