Liquidity Attracts Liquidity - Marius Jansen COO Deribit

Liquidity Attracts Liquidity - Marius Jansen COO Deribit

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About this episode

What are the difficulties of starting and running a crypto exchange? Marius sat down for an hour to discuss Deribit, its creation, working with his brother and what lies next.

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What to listen for

  • How Marius got into Bitcoin with his brother and how they started Deribit.
  • How he navigates running a family business.
  • What his personality is and how it complement his brothers.
  • How he preforms his role as Deribit COO and what his tasks are.
  • What are are some of the challenges of growing a company from zero employees.
  • How he takes more risk in running business for growth.
  • How Deribit views soon to be launched competition.
  • What some of the differences between East and West are regarding crypto trading.
  • What Deribits growth plans are for the long term.
  • How Deribit caters to institutional clients.


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