Mark Lamb - CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFLEX

Mark Lamb - CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFLEX

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About this episode

Mark is the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFLEX, a physically delivered futures exchange. CoinFLEX is a newly launched exchanged that will change the way miners, funds, and other institutions trade and interact with Bitcoin and crypto. We talked about why CoinFLEX is special, what Mark's growth strategies are and why Asia is the most important market for CoinFLEX.

"CoinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange) is the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange, developed for investors to hedge cryptocurrency exposure with zero index or settlement manipulation risk."

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What to listen for

  • Why physically settled futures are such a powerful instrument and who will use these futures.
  • What the benefits of physically delivered vs cash settled futures are.
  • How Mark learned from starting the first UK exchange Coinfloor.
  • Why TT is so amazing for futures trading and how Mark formed the relationship with them.
  • Why Asia will be CoinFLEX's main client and what will drive adoption from the region.
  • What are the reasons for being a regulated versus unregulated exchange.
  • How CoinFLEX incentivizes their market makers, makers and takers on their exchange.


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