Matt McGraw - CEO and Co-Founder of Dispatch Labs

Matt McGraw - CEO and Co-Founder of Dispatch Labs

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About this episode

Matt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dispatch Labs, a decentralized distributed enterprise focused protocol. We met back in 2017 and Matt has a great energy and outlook on crypto life. We talk about his newly launched protocol, current politics in the United States and the exploits of the crypto community.

Dispatch Labs' Whitepaper

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What to listen for

  • What Dispatch Lab is and why it is built for enterprise use
  • What it is like for companies to integrate Dispatch Labs into their current architecture.
  • What Matt's views are on the similarities between the original tech bubble and the 2017 crypto bubble.
  • What companies control content distribution on the internet
  • What problems there are for content distribution and how Dispatch Labs is providing value at the analytic layer with zero knowledge proofs.
  • Why Dispatch Labs will be the biggest data broker in the world that holds no data.


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