Nic Carter - Bitcoin in 2021

Nic Carter - Bitcoin in 2021

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In this episode, fellow St. Andrews alumni Nic Carter joins to discuss the current state of Bitcoin. Nic answers some of the burning questions that host Samuel McCulloch has been exploring for a couple of years:

  • Where does Bitcoin stand in the surveillance economy?
  • Effects of FinCEN’s proposed wallet rules on Bitcoin markets.
  • China’s use of the great firewall to potentially preference Bitcoin transactions.
  • Biden’s incoming war administration.
  • How stablecoins invalidate the utility token hypothesis.
  • Potential effects of currency debasement and inflation on Bitcoin and broader economy.
  • Gold and Bitcoin and their benefits as a portfolio asset.
  • The eternal energy debt Bitcoin has and how it will grow in the future.
  • Bitcoin’s volatility is due to a lack of a proper valuation model.
  • The crypto credit markets and the growth of HyperBitcoinization.
  • How offshore crypto exchanges will evolve in the next decade and their benefit to the Bitcoin market.

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