Nick White - Co-Founder of Harmony

Nick White - Co-Founder of Harmony

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About this Episode

Growth is a problem for blockchains. They don't scale well and are expensive to use. It's all part of the Scalability Trilemma, which forces blockchain developers to choose between Scalability, Decentralization and Security. Nick White, Co-Founder of Harmony blockchain sits down for a long interview in this debut episode.

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What to listen for

  • How Nick met the Harmony team and how the project was started.
  • What his background is and how it led him to blockchain.
  • His first introduction to blockchain technology and why he dismissed it.
  • Why he thinks Harmony is going to change the landscape for blockchain technology.
  • Why FBFT is essential to Harmony and how it works.
  • Why he believes anyone should be able to run a Harmony node and what the requirements will be to do so.
  • How VDF secures their blockchain from attacks.


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