The Rise of Chinese AI - Nina Xiang

The Rise of Chinese AI - Nina Xiang

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About this episode

What is the real state of Chinese AI technologies and are they poised to surpass Europe and the United States as the world leader? Nina Xiang, founder of the China Money Network sits down to tell about her findings which she presented in her book "Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence."

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China Money Network Website

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What to listen for

  • What the inspiration for creating the book was and why Nina started the China Money Network.
  • What 4S/3L is and why it's the best lens to view Chinese companies through.
  • Why China is still behind the US in AI by many years.
  • How Made in China 2025 is affecting AI companies.
  • What role the CCP plays in Chinese companies and the effect it has on technology development.
  • Her thoughts on companies operating outside of the tier 1 cities.
  • Why Chinese politicians hold so much power in each region and can help make or break a business.
  • Her thoughts on the US tariffs and the harsh treatment of Chinese students abroad.
  • Why the Chinese Social Credit Score is needed, but is prone to data privacy breaches.
  • How robust data privacy laws can be enacted in China.


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