November Playlist

November Playlist

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Fall is a melancholy time for me. The leaves turn, my mother's birthday is right around the corner and the sun slowly sinks to the south. Taking a look at the tone of music this month, it's very relaxed, more instrumental, jazzy. A complement to my current state.

Two bands I'm excited to find are Weval and The Comet is Coming. They both popped up in my Spotify recommendations and it's exactly my tastes.

Weval is a group of two Dutch guys Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers. Elements of Hip-Hop, jazz and other downtempo genres give this group a sound reminiscent of my St. Andrews life.

The Comet is Coming is a British trio making space jazz. Members Danalogue, Betamax, and King Shabaka are truly creating progressive genre bending music.