Opening Founders' Doors - Chuck Pettid - Republic

Opening Founders' Doors - Chuck Pettid - Republic

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About this episode

Learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding with Chuck Pettid, Principal at We dive into the potential effects of Covid-19 on retail crowdfunding, the coming changes to Reg CF and A+ that will affect non-accredited investors and the benefits Republic provides to its investors and portfolio companies.

Chuck is Senior Partner | CEO, Republic Crowdfunding Portal, a leading equity crowdfunding site, and co-producer of the international television show Meet the Drapers. He is also GP of micro VC fund RainmakeMe and sits on the board of Ruby Love (aka PantyProp), RidersShare and CrowdSmart. Chuck has an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BS from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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What to listen for

  • Why the fire in the forest clears the undergrowth for new plants to grow afterwards, and this is what is happening now in the current crisis.
  • How Republic creates a network effect for founders which propels their business forward.
  • How this 'word of mouth' network support is hard to measure effectively through Republic.
  • Why most portfolio investors in Republic are looking for returns on their investment, usually through equity but also because they believe in the product or the founder's vision.
  • How Republic has lobbied the SEC for Reg CF and Series A harmonisation which will come into effect in September 2020 which will benefit start-ups by raising the limit to $5 million and investors through removing the $107,000 annual investment limit in crowdfunding.
  • Why this is great for investor protection in crowdfunding going forward.
  • Why Republic Crypto brings in deal flow to the business and how they came into this space through consulting in 2018.
  • How Republic's regulatory work has brought companies and businesses to their door because of their history and work in this area with the SEC.
  • How Republic educates companies on crowdfunding campaigns and on-boards them through systems they have built.
  • Why due diligence and partnership matter most to Republic in their choice of companies.
  • How Republic does not geographically concentrated in Silicon Valley or New York, but looks at start-ups from across America and why this benefits everyone.
  • How this current crisis will make people more focused and professional in their dealings, and this will create better companies in the long run.


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