Permissionless Price Exposure - Kain Warwick - Synthetix

Permissionless Price Exposure - Kain Warwick - Synthetix

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About this episode

Kain Warwick joins End of the Chain with host Samuel McCulloch to discuss synthetic assets on Ethereum, the growth of Defi and the future of crypto assets.  

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What to listen for

  • Why Synthetix's end goal is to give people the ability to have price exposure to other asset classes while remaining on Ethereum.
  • How Ethereum solved the volatility problem in the crypto markets and unlocked its true potential through composability.
  • Why we all live with the tail risks inherent in these regulated stablecoins and the kill switches built into them.
  • How all on-ramps come with trade-offs and why these risks need to be discussed in DeFi.
  • Why Synthetixs wants to stay as permissionless as possible.
  • Why the challenges of providing security and guarding value are much much greater in DeFi than in centralised systems because of the lack of legal/regulatory system to fall back on.
  • Why Flashloans will take out protocols and platforms that are not robust or have weak points and how this is inevitable as DeFi matures.
  • How Synthetix’s implantation of a bitcoin bridge will be permissionless to avoid introducing systemic risk, regulatory capture and other attack vectors into the network.
  • Why a permissionless ERC20 tokenised version of BTC or Bitcoin will be a better user experience on Ethereum than just using Bitcoin today on a Layer 1 or Layer 2 solution.


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