End of the Chain Podcast

Privacy is a key component of cryptographic networks that is typically misunderstood. Anish Mohammed, Chief Scientist for Panther Protocol, joins the podcast to discuss how transparent networks fall prey to MEV attacks and other negative actions such as collusion.

Jesse Proudman comes onto the podcast to discuss Makara Digital and its launch to the retail market. Now anyone can access the active strategies of Strix and build wealth with a SEC registered investment company.

Learn about Uniswap V3 and how its changing liquidity provision.

The godfather of algorithmic stablecoins dives deep into Seniorage Shares and its lasting legacy on the crypto ecosystem. Robert is the CEO of Clearmatics and is a long standing member of the Bitcoin and crypto community.

In this episode, fellow St. Andrews alumni Nic Carter joins to discuss the current state of Bitcoin.

Why are NFT's so damn cool and how have they exploded into popularity in the past 2 years? Alex Salnikov sits down with host Samuel McCulloch to discuss all the amazing things NFT's can do and how he is building Rarible to bring NFT's to the entire world.