Tax is Control - Dominic Frisby

Tax is Control - Dominic Frisby

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About this episode

Dominic is is a British author, comedian and voice actor. He joins the podcast to talk about his new book "Daylight Robbery How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future." We discussed how crypto will force governments how they collect taxes and the history of tax collection. Dominic puts forward a riveting account of money and taxes in his book. The story of money cannot be told without accounting for the history of taxes.  

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What to listen for

  • Why cryptocurrencies could break the tax system.
  • How our tax system evolved and what the future has planned for governments.
  • Why Hong Kong is the best example of a tax system in the world and the Authoritarian Libertarian Scottish man responsible for it.
  • Why we don't have simpler, easier tax codes.
  • Why the Peasant's revolt is deserving of a mini-series.
  • How international corporations exploit the tax system and what can be done to tax it.
  • How the gig/freelance economy is making taxation harder to enforce and why there will be a billion freelancers by 2025.

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