Thoughts on My First Month at RealT

Thoughts on My First Month at RealT

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It’s been just over a month now that I have been working at RealT as Director of Business Development. It’s been a great experience to transition into a company with growing sales, a committed, knowledgeable team and a sales model that is poised to grow in bounds over the next few years.

For the past two years I was part of the amazing team of people building Adara, a crypto exchange. In 2018, I was lucky enough to meet Olya, Sten and the rest of the team and come on as an advisor. Over the next year I started to provide more and more time to the company and transitioned into a permanent role. We built a great product that I believe is first in class.

Personally, 2019 was a very difficult year for me. My mom passed away at the end of January suddenly after battling with life long health problems. Living so far away, I wasn’t able to make it back in time to be with her, as my wife was 9 months pregnant and would give birth only 3 weeks later. She always wanted to see me more. Moscow was too far of a journey to easily make. So at the end of 2019, we decided it was time to move back to the United States to be closer to my family.

The job search began and luckily I landed an interview with RealT. I was introduced to David, Remy, and Jean Marc in the first couple calls. They impressed me with their ethos. Remy and Jean Marc, two brothers and co-founders of RealT, have been involved since 2011, when they first started mining Bitcoin. David is a massive ETH bull and writes prolifically about It matters a lot that the core team’s philosophy wants to positively grow the on-chain ecosystem

The simple explanation of RealT is that it creates and sells fractional property tokens.

RealT tokenizes property by abstracting away an LLC. In the investment contract the token is defined as a representation of equity. Owning 1 token gives 1/xth percentage ownership rights. Tokens earn a yield from rental income, paid out daily and normalized annually. Dividends are paid out as DAI or USDC, but preferably the former. Cap rates for all of the homes list so far are 10%+, so a $1000 investment yields well over $100.

Why tokenize on Ethereum? Defi.

Permissioned assets on a permissionless network is a huge win for investors.

Today, a RealT token holder can buy, sell and provide liquidity in Uniswap. As LP’s they earn .3% from all trades, giving extra yield in addition to their dividends. Uniswap is the first step towards integrating RealT tokens in every major Defi platform.

David has written extensively about what comes next… aka Balancer. It’s worth the read.

As Director of BD, my job is to connect and project manage the integrations. In just the first month I’ve already initiated two extremely powerful Defi integrations to be rolled out in the next quarter. Additionally, much of the work we are doing right now is to streamline our backend operations. The smoother and faster we can process, record and audit orders, the faster we can grow.  

Soon I’ll have a podcast with David where we can cover realT more in depth.

2020 is poised to bring in a decade of change. The Coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it. Teams are distributed and working from home. Eventually life will return to normal, whatever that means, but in the meantime, now is a great time to reassess your circumstances and ensure your safety and security for the future.

Keep safe