Top 10 fxhash drops for July 2022

Top 10 fxhash drops for July 2022

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This is my personal, biased top 10 fxhash drops for the month of July. All of the viewpoints are my own and you probably will disagree with the rankings from this list. What I hope you take away from this list is a newfound appreciation for the art on fxhash and if you are an avid collector already, maybe you missed a few of the drops or didn't know about the artists.

Over the course of a month on fxhash there can be hundreds of drops. Keeping up with every single one, tracking price floors, volumes and sales can be a monumental task. I've chosen my top 10 collections and ranked them in a very non-analytic way. This is simply my own personal tastes.

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Honorable Mentions

Deep Forest - Nudoru

Deep Forest #123 - nudoru - Owned by Pathos Art

Plottable Era: (I) Primitive - greweb

Plottable Era: (I) Primitive #54 - greweb - Owned by Pathos Art

DisOrder - DisruptedStar

DisOrder #83 - DisruptedStar - Owned by 

alchemy(maxima) - evil

alchemy(maxima) #102 - evil - Owned by Pathos Art

vers - jeres

Vers #72 - jeres - Owned by Pathos Art

Dedicated to Comics - Del Pic Art

Dedicated to Comics #12 - Del Pic Art - Owned by Pathos Art

One of These Days - whitekross

One of These Days #155 - whitekross - Owned by Pathos Art

Vicumvia - Kunio Okuizumi

Vicumvia #50 - Kunio Okuizumi - Owned by Pathos Art

Spirit Fields - Juki

Spirit Fields #29 - Juki - Owned by Pathos Art

Intagible - mulf

Intangible #77 - mulf - Owned by Pathos Art

45rpm Single Cover - revdancatt

Varillas - Cristian Rohr

Varillas #10 - Christian Rohr - Owned by Pathos Art

Memory Module - elsif

Memory Module #248 - elsif - Owned by Pathos Art

SWTBD - London Prototype - wblut

SWTBD - London Prototype #33 - wblut - Owned by Richer.tez

a working theory - Chris Randall

a working theory #1 - Chris Randall - Owned by Pathos Art

Before/After - clauswilke

Before/After #195 - clausewilke - Owned by Pathos Art

The Birth of Ideas - Ferdinand Dervieux

The Birth of Ideas #8 - Ferdinand Dervieux - Owned by Zancan

Cradle - Monotau

Cradle #384 - Monotau - Owned by iRyanBell

Human Nonsense Filter - 0xma

Human Nonsense Filter #94 - 0xma - Owned by Pathos Art

Rococo - Phenomena

Rococo #22 - Phenomena - Owned by Pathos Art

Top 10 fxhash Drops for July

#10 Rough Cuts - Volatile Moods

Rough Cuts #211 - Volatile Moods - Owned by Pathos Art

An abstract generative work that "explores composition and form by cutting canvas with straight lines." What I like about Rough cuts is the realism in both the color palette and the application of the brushwork. It really feels like someone has glued and painted all the different layers on to a piece of paper.

DA Price: 48 XTZ | Floor Price: 47 XTZ | Profit: -2% | Volume: 4.9k XTZ

#9 One of These Days - whitekross

One of These Days #155 - whitekross - Owned by Pathos Art

Bearing many similar visual characteristics as a map, this collection blends defined structures with flowing lines wrapped around the canvas. An interesting part about this collection is that each piece has a "breaking day" when the artwork changes and becomes "bolder, more vibrant, and more colorful." I like this idea of an artwork changing based on time or other fixed external events.

DA Price: 17 XTZ | Floor Price: 45 XTZ | Profit: 264% | Volume: 6.2k XTZ

#8 Quantum Folly - KRANKARTA

Quantum Folly #41 - KANKARTA - Owned by Pathos Art

One of the best architecture themed drops this month. Quantum Folly "explores humanity's vanity and obsession with controlling natural forces" through the construction of megaliths using particles. Very interesting technique in how the forms are created. What I love about this collection is that many of the building shapes probably exist in some form or will exist. These are plausible structures waiting to be erected in a megalopolis skyline.  

DA Price: 50 XTZ | Floor Price: 69 XTZ | Profit: 38% | Volume: 9.7k XTZ

#7 Momentary - unpredictableTaco

Momentary #312 - unpredictableTaco - Owned by Pathos Art

Little brother to Solace, this drop was absurdly underpriced when it went live for minting. It's a beautiful collection of mountainous landscapes. "Life is momentary, the good times are momentary and of course the bad ones." The use of celestial objects plus a great color scheme is going to drive its value for a long time.

DA Price: 16 XTZ | Floor Price: 53 XTZ | Profit: 331% | Volume: 14.1k XTZ

#6 Epiphany - Marcos Diaz Rossi

Epiphany #2 - Marcos Diaz Rossi - Owned By Zancan

While this collection technically is categorized as PFP, a timely post release tweet by Zancan sent the floor on this drop skyrocketing shortly after the mint completed. A gothic surrealist exploration of a bird in varied landscapes and backgrounds. "The real is manifested through the imagination, and the imagination is manifested through the spirit."

DA Price: 9 XTZ | Floor Price: 29.5 XTZ | Profit: 327% | Volume: 7.8k XTZ

#5 Natural order.chaos - Tezumie

Natural order.chaos #73 - Tezumie - Owned by Pathos Art

I'm personally a sucker for realism and naturalist scenes. Tezumie's Natural order.chaos is an expansive exploration of generative nature scenes paired with broken, chaotic abstract outputs. I'm a photographer by art and Tezumie's collection reminds me heavily of working with film and lens color filters, stripping out the varied palette and leaving a small set of tones. This is the first of 2 nature themed drops that made the top 10.

DA Price: 20 XTZ | Floor Price: 24.95 XTZ | Profit: 24% | Volume: 1.8k XTZ

#4 Introspection - iRyanBell

Introspection #29 - iRyanBell - Owned by void

A tapestry of shapes created by iRyanBell marks another successful release to add to his other collections. Early conversations in fxhash price discussion chat debated whether this series will hit the same level fame as Fragments of a Wave and Sprocket Factory. One thing I found interesting about the mint was that there was no DA. Price was fixed and the entire set went in seconds. The artists probably could have taken home another 20-30k XTZ in primary sales profit had a higher DA been added.

DA Price: 50 XTZ | Floor Price: 244 XTZ | Profit: 488% | Volume: 9.9k XTZ

#3 Bardez - Nat Sarkissian

I've already written extensively about Bardez on Pathos Art telegram channel. Bardez is the Armenian word for garden. Nat also writes that its related to paradise and I fully agree. These mountain fields are idyllic and contain elements of the great impressionist painters. I can imagine these fields as the pinnacle of late spring growing in luscious valleys.

DA Price: 50 XTZ | Floor Price: 50 XTZ | Profit: 0% | Volume: 16.4k XTZ

#2 Millefoglie - Stefano Contiero

Millefoglie #37 - Stefano Contiero - Owned by DocSciFi

A "free" mint that I missed. I think the slots were reserved for either Tender holders or some other community. There's a delicate simplicity to Millefoglie that imbues it with a handmade realism. I could see this as a non-digital piece hanging in a gallery, but as a digital form it truly shows the power of the code that generated it.

DA Price: 0 XTZ | Floor Price: 174 XTZ | Profit: 17.4k% | Volume: 34.3k XTZ

#1 horizon(te)s - zachlieberman & IskraVelitchkova

A blockbuster collaboration between Zach Lieberman and Iskra Velitchkova "focused on horizons as an organizing principle." What does it mean to find and understand borders and edges. This series looks at many different methods to examine this questions. Each variation is singular in itself and can stand apart from the collection. This collection furthers the abilities of both artists and challenges them to create within a new idea space. Gralis.

DA Price: 300 XTZ | Floor Price: 1000 XTZ | Profit: 300% | Volume: 191k XTZ