We are the Crypto Pioneers - Hen Tekle

We are the Crypto Pioneers - Hen Tekle

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Hen is a founding partner of AlphaChain, a blockchain advisory and investment firm. This podcast was recorded in Washington D.C. at the end of November and we discussed life and growing up in the nation's capital, open borders, and the Hen's role in the blockchain community.

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  • How the gentrification of Washington DC, over the past 20 years has changed the city’s demographics and maintained its housing affordability.
  • How the black community differs in Washington, DC versus other American metropolitan areas.
  • How Hen got into the space and his Crypto-backstory.
  • How CMT/Crypto-Explorers were unique investment groups in the space through the ICO mania and beyond.
  • How Ethereum has changed over the past few years and where it is going in the future.
  • Why DeFi will be the disintermediation of finance and the manifestation of tokens that actually serve a purpose and address pain points.
  • Why the principles of freedom and self-sovereignty are universal to the crypto-space.
  • How Americans love to talk about race and why being an immigrant from Africa has defined him rather than being a black man in America.
  • How America has an assimilation culture that promotes individual freedoms and is the best place to implement the ideas within Open Borders.

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